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Party tents are a kind of modular temporary structure for events made of PVC fabric and aluminum frame. These temporary outdoor structures protect guests from bright sunlight and rains. They also offer an exclusive backdrop, especially when lights glow up in the evening. Additionally, you can also make a custom made tent for your special event, whether it’s a custom printed tent or unique shape tent.

There is something uniquely exciting about partying in a magnificent outdoor tent for events. Be it a corporate party, a family gathering or a private event just with friends, you can make it the best party in town under the tent.

If you are interested in the tents below, just SEND your detailed product inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

PVC Party Tents For Sale

The PVC party tent is a general term for party tents using PVC fabric. PVC fabric is an excellent material ...
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Used Commercial Tents

25×30 White Party Tent For Business Meeting

25x30m White Party Tent Accommodate 200-500 People Party-Tent sells various sizes of white party tents for open-air shade, wedding parties, ...
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Crystal Dome Star House For Sale

Among the tent types of Party-Tent, Crystal Dome Star House is one kind of clear dome tent. It is widely ...
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Used Mini Pagoda Tents For Sale

The mini pagoda canopy can be used for small gatherings, product promotion, and temporary shelter from the sun and rain ...
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Small Tipi Tents For Family Camping

Now that summer has arrived, it's a great season for camping. Even during the epidemic, still can't stop people's enthusiasm ...
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Clear Top Backyard Party Tents

It is such an exciting thing to plan a party or family gathering in the backyard of your house. A ...
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15x15m Clear Top Party Tent

This time, we build two 15*15m transparent top tents in the center square of a theme amusement park for visitors' ...
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Simply Decorate Your Tipi Tent , We Sell It

How to decorate a tipi tent, how easy it is to decorate a tipi tent for a party? Outsource it, ...
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How to Plan a Tipi Party

Away from work, people love to get into the outdoor environment and relax. So whether it's a barbecue in the ...
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40 People Tipi Tent For Camping Party

There is a party called the Tipi Camping Party. At the weekend, it's time to meet your friends and head ...
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20 People Tipi Party Tent

Believe it or not, its shape hasn't changed in 100 years. Thanks to its pyramidal shape and khaki canvas, it ...
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Farm Campsite 72 People Tipi Tent

On weekends, there is no need to drive hundreds of kilometers to the outskirts, maybe 20 kilometers to the family ...
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Wedding Party Tent Planning Considerations

Someone else's wedding scene is so beautiful! Have you considered this wedding party scene too? What are some things to ...
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6 People Small Tipi Camping Tent

Every weekend, busy city-dwellers make every effort to leave the familiar city and plunge into the natural environment of the ...
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Giant Tipi Tent For Outdoor Restaurant

The traditional tipi tent, small and quick to erect, is mostly used for outdoor camping. Now we are introducing the ...
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Dome Party Tents For Sale In Turkey

This is a dome party tent that can accommodate conference events for about 200 people. It is made of high-strength ...
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Beer Festival Party Tents

The Beer Festival is a festival where many international beer brands and a variety of delicacies gather together. With over ...
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60m Dome Party Tent Rental Guide

Although still in the severe period of the new crown epidemic, people's various business activities seem to be unaffected. Dome ...
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Mini Tipi Camping Tent

Camping tents must be no stranger to outdoor enthusiasts. The tradition of camping has evolved from that of Native Americans ...
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Winter Party Tents For Sale

Winter party tents are the most common and practical tents for hosting outdoor events. Winter party tents have excellent resistance ...
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Crystal Dome Star House

Suddenly this year, the Crystal Star House became a trendy tent that people love. It can be seen in various ...
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Teepee Restaurant Tent

Tired of the same old restaurants and have a desire to escape from life in the city? I suggest you ...
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Large Outdoor Tipi Restaurant Tent

The growing acceptance of outdoor dining has led to the creation of many different styles of outdoor dining tents. One ...
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3 Tips For Quickly Sizing Your Tent

Accurately calculating the size of an event tent has always been a hassle. Different types of large-scale event tents have ...
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