Big Clear Top Tent For Vip Dinner

“We really needed an outdoor event to liven up the whole business ecosystem.”

“It’s just unbelievable that they installed this 20x25m clear top tent in the evening and put it to use.”

Outdoor commercial events are very popular these days and many of them are held in temporary outdoor spaces. The primary method of constructing these spaces is aluminum structured party tents. This method is not only safe, fast and guaranteed to deliver results, but it is also cost effective.

While traditional structures cannot be erected on soft grass, But 20x25m clear top tent can. This 20x25m clear top tent is made of high strength T6 aluminum alloy for support, clear double layer PVC tarpaulin and soft purple carpet.

The clear top tarp enhances the ambiance and style of the party tent. It is made of transparent PVC tarpaulin, which provides good light and wind protection, as well as warmth. Cool spotlights can be used at night to create a romantic and passionate atmosphere.

The party tent is suitable for a variety of outdoor environments, including meadows, deserts, forests, and mountain slopes. During the winter, this device can function as an ambient fan and snow melter. In the summer, it can serve as an air conditioner, fan, and drain, among other things.

Clear top tents have many advantages. Professional Party Tent Factory offers structured tents in multiple forms, as well as discounted used party tents. You don’t need to compare your peers horizontally multiple times for us to provide high-quality and discounted party tents.

We provide high-quality aluminum alloy structured party tents with a professional overseas construction team to make your outdoor commercial event easy.

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    How long does it take for your company to produce and deliver the transparent party tents? If we need expedited orders, can they be met?

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    We would like to know about your company’s foreign trade experience. Have you exported to similar countries before? What are the regulations and requirements of these countries for the products?

  • Verma

    For a party with 200 people, we need a large party tent that can accommodate all the people and items. Please provide us with the prices and specifications of party tents suitable for this scale, along with installation and maintenance details.

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    Hello, we are planning an outdoor event and need a large frame tent. Could you provide suitable models and quotations? We look forward to your reply.

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