Transparent Party Tents

Transparent Party TentA luxurious, luxury party tent with character. It can be installed without heavy mechanical equipment and can be set up by workers in just one day. Amazingly, we also offer a tent rental service for you.

As you can see, transparent party tents are mostly used for high-end occasions such as luxury parties, luxury weddings, and receptions. Fitted tents are modular buildings and can be customized from 3m to 60m. Even the frame poles can be customized in color. Also, we offer many accessories such as side walls, glass walls, glass doors, linings, and curtains.

In addition to the regular A-roof shape, there are also geodesic dome tents, polygonal tents, and curved roof tents that can be manufactured.

Transparent Party Tents

Party Tents

Transparent Party Tents for Events Fitting

  • clear PVC window sidewalls, glass walls, ABS walls, sandwich walls
  • transparent roof covers and sidewalls
  • ground anchors
  • weight plates
  • lining and curtains
  • glass doors, sliding doors, rolling doors
  • flooring systems
  • rain gutter systems

Download Technical Specification: Big Wedding Party Tents

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