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Party tents are a kind of modular temporary structure for events made of PVC fabric and aluminum frame. These temporary outdoor structures protect guests from bright sunlight and rains. They also offer an exclusive backdrop, especially when lights glow up in the evening. Additionally, you can also make a custom made tent for your special event, whether it’s a custom printed tent or unique shape tent.

There is something uniquely exciting about partying in a magnificent outdoor tent for events. Be it a corporate party, a family gathering or a private event just with friends, you can make it the best party in town under the tent.

If you are interested in the tents below, just SEND your detailed product inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Outdoor Wedding Tents – Why Choose It?

With the development of time and the advancement of aesthetics, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional hotel-style wedding ...
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White Event Party Tent 30′ x 40′ Outdoor Conference Tent with Stage Carpet Chairs

When you're planning an outdoor conference event, the number one consideration is bound to be an outdoor party canopy tent ...
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Indoor Basketball Court Tent | Sporting Court Tent

The hot weather every summer always scares off many people who love basketball. Even at night, the bitter summer breeze ...
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Multi-Form Tipi Tents For Commercial Parties And Outdoor Camping

Commercial tipi tents are increasingly seen in outdoor camping bases. Why are these types of tipi popular in campsites? Traditional ...
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White 4x6m Festival Shopping Tent

Festive shopping streets are becoming increasingly popular, so a stylish and personalised festive shopping tent is becoming especially important. You ...
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Festive Party Tent For Sale

With the global economic rebound, there has been a massive increase in business events and festival parties in all regions ...
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Large Canopy Tent with side For Outdoor Party

Aluminum canopy tents are temporary structures suitable for outdoor parties, wedding receptions, exhibitions, commercial showrooms, and much more. Party-Tent canopy ...
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Sports event tent for the Beijing Marathon

Sports Event Tents For Sports Competitions And Venues

There are only two ways to become fitter and more confident, get enough sleep and exercise properly. Most cities have ...
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Fashion Restaurant | Transparent Star House

What are the uses for transparent tents (outdoor hotels, small garden dining, specialty restaurants)? We have recommended many transparent party ...
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Sporting Event Tent For Basketball Courts

If you need to host a sporting event or add a cover to a sports field, then it is important ...
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Camping Party Tent

The Camping Party Tent is the campsite operator's dream large outdoor tent. The Camping Party Tent acts as the centerpiece ...
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Four-Season Camping Tent | Tipi Camping Tent

Four-season camping tent, the popular tipi tent (also called tepee tent) can be used in different seasons of the year ...
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Cost-Effective Shopping Marquee

When you plan an outdoor party, there are many things to do before the event. Notifying guests, arranging food and ...
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20x20m Frame Tent For Business Conferences

August has arrived, but the weather is still very hot. How do you organize a great event outdoors in this heat? ...
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Crystal Dome House | A Private And Independent Space

A few years ago,  Crystal Dome House was the exclusive commodity of a few households in countries such as Europe ...
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Tipi Party Tent | New Series & Tent Supplies

King of the Outdoors' tipi tents is available for hire in a range of sizes to suit different themes with ...
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Transparent Party Tents For Sale

Creating a grand banqueting party is often the choice of booking and holding it in a luxury hotel. However, a ...
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Different Styles And Types Of Backyard Tent Rentals

Summer is upon us, and the epidemic is still spreading so rapidly that many people are unable to go on ...
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How To Find The Right Aluminium Paryt Tent Quickly?

Aluminium party tents - the temporary space solution to enhance your event in style and class. How Can You Order ...
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clear bubble tent

Crystal Bubble Tent For Sale

Stylish and transparent bubble tents are popular with many businesses and our factory has received a large number of orders ...
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Tipi Tents For Sale

The tipi tent is one of the favorite tents of camping enthusiasts due to its unique wilderness look. It's hard ...
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Night Lighting Show | Exciting Events and Tents

In most people's impression, the tent gives the impression of a square, rectangular shape, just like a small warehouse. In ...
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Temporary Logistics Storage Tent

There are data suggesting that prices will rise in the coming months and there are clear signs of an economic ...
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Commercial tipi tents

Commercial Event Tipi Tent

During the summer, business events in the city become frequent and characteristic, making many people want to participate in one ...
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