Clear Top Dome Tents

dome tent struature

The combination of transparent film and dome tent is the Clear Top Dome Tent, which can be used for parties. Made of transparent PVC tarp and aluminum alloy frame. Made of high-strength Q235 steel pipe, the design is sturdy, removable, and reusable. Stylish appearance, giving a feeling of understated simplicity. A transparent PVC tarp is UV-resistant, anti-corrosion, mildew-resistant, anti-aging, wind-resistant, waterproof, and flame-retardant.

Clear Top Dome Tent for Outdoor Party Fun

6m to 12m diameter clear top dome tents are the best sellers. Stunning clear dome tents provide a warm and comfortable refuge for customers. During the day there is always natural light coming in, bringing comfortable heat inside the tent. At night, hang the rainbow chandelier and the tent will turn colorful.

A table and several floor mats are a yoga training room. A long table and several chairs in an outdoor dining room. A bed and family accessories is a party tent. Wherever you build, a clear top
dome tent will give you the perfect solution for your outdoor activities.

Clear Top Dome Tent Specification

Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
6m2.6m3.48m3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
8m2.6m3.82m3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
10m2.6m4.18m3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)
12m2.6m4.52m3m100x48x3mm (4 - channel)

5 thoughts on “Clear Top Dome Tents

  • Joshi

    During the daytime the clear round tent is really too sunny and hot. Do you have a way to untangle it?

  • Chaudhary

    What are the specifications for the diameter of a real dome tent. Do you have a branch in Singapore, we need 5 tops for mall events. Sea freight and quotation list, please.

  • Bansal

    We need to purchase some colorful and design-interesting party tents for a children’s birthday party. Please provide us with your product catalog and the prices of different products so that we can choose the most suitable one.

  • David

    I’m extremely interested in your aluminum alloy party tent, especially its portability and durability. The aluminum frame design makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. The robust material ensures resilience against various outdoor elements. Could you please inform me of the selling price for this tent?

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