15x30m White Party Tent For Commercial Event

Quick installation 15x30m white party tent for outdoor commercial event awning. Aluminum alloy material is strong and durable, white PVC double-layer tarpaulin, use up to 30 years.

Choose the 15x30m White Party Tent for an outdoor business event with a great indoor setting.

Are you looking around for a sturdy, durable party tent that won’t blow over in the wind? Renting an aluminum party tent is cheaper and worth it. We use reinforced T6 aluminum alloy that can resist strong winds up to 10. The roof is covered with white PVC double-layer fabric for a clear and reliable look.

With a party tent, a weekend family reunion has a temporary space for 20 to 100 people. Sometimes people don’t care about its durability, but they do care about its exquisite appearance and luxurious decoration.

Of course, we also offer large white party tent, which are used for a wider range of purposes. For example, 10x20m party tents are used for backyard family gatherings, 20x30m wedding party events, 30x30m small music parties, and so on. Party tents can handle almost any outdoor indoor space.

We offer a wide range of styles and patterns of fabric styles, such as semi-sheer, sheer, printed patterns and so on.

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4 thoughts on “15x30m White Party Tent For Commercial Event

  • wallet

    Hello, we are planning to host a large music festival and need a tent that can accommodate a large audience. I’ve heard that party tents have excellent load-bearing capacity and space layout. Could you please provide more details on these advantages, along with the corresponding quotation?

  • Jennifer

    I am thoroughly impressed with your aluminum alloy party tent! The sturdy design of the aluminum frame gives a sense of stability and reliability. The interior layout is spacious, perfect for large gatherings. Plus, the excellent water and sun protection make it a worry-free choice for outdoor use. Could you please provide the detailed pricing for this tent?

  • paris

    We are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality banquet and party tents. What are the advantages and unique features of your products? Can we arrange a site visit?

  • Richard

    Greetings, I’m in the planning stages of an outdoor bash and I’m wondering if your aluminium tents are sea breeze-friendly. Can I get a custom quote? What about the price?

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