Big White Party Tents

If you are planning large parties, luxury banquets, birthday parties, barbecues and other events with a lot of people in attendance, then you need a stable and safe temporary space. This is where a large white party tent is a great option. Party tents have a wide range of uses, including as temporary event spaces, large banquet halls and large gathering places.

Big White Party Tents

Simply put, the Large White Party Tent is a removable, assemblable structure with a modular design. A 10,000 square foot temporary tent can be completed in a matter of days. At the same time, it can be disassembled, folded, and transported multiple times to be reassembled at a designated location. This installation is much more efficient than conventional construction.

In addition, party tents are available in many roof shapes, canvas prints, sizes and accessories. Selection and customization is based on the customer’s budget and actual needs. Examples include digitally printed tarps, additional perimeter advertising panels, additional insulation, and more.

Big White Party Tents indoor

The large white tent is now equipped with air conditioning and a large fan to cope with the summer heat and sweltering conditions. With the installation of a snow melter and a central insulation system on the outer perimeter of the tent, it will solve the problem of low indoor temperatures in winter.

When organizing a wedding, birthday party or banquet hall in a large folding color tent, pay attention to the design of the interior. We offer a temporary space without the protection of pillars, but the perfect design comes from your creativity. Interestingly, we recommend that you build a dance floor or stage in the front to create a feeling of openness and open space.

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