25×30 White Party Tent For Business Meeting

25x30m White Party Tent Accommodate 200-500 People

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Party-Tent sells various sizes of white party tents for open-air shade, wedding parties, banquet buffets, and more. You can set up tables and chairs and design decorations according to the number of attendees. We will provide themed tables and chairs, lighting, flooring, carpeting, and all accessories for the event caterer. We will arrange for professional staff to dismantle and retrieve the tent after the event without damaging the floor.

Usually, large business meetings are tight due to the short preparation time and tasks. It is very difficult to pick the right hotel or conference hall in the city. This is where a white party tent can be the answer to your worries.

Not only can you dress up the venue in a very luxurious way, but you can also add all kinds of equipment.

Big White Party Tents for Sale

You can choose from white, clear, colored, and patterned tarps depending on the type of event. Their functions are the same, but the visual effects are the opposite. We usually recommend white party tents for outdoor, patterned canopies for commercial events, and clear canopies for wedding parties. With themed advertising panels, fence panels, and outer decoration, it will be a unique tent.

PVC tarp is durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, flame retardant, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant. This PVC fiber tarp is odorless and can withstand year-round exposure to high temperatures and maximum sunlight reflection.

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4 thoughts on “25×30 White Party Tent For Business Meeting

  • D'Mello

    Similar to a small kingdom-like build. This is really good for a large area. Even a 10,000 square meter event can be neat and tidy.

  • Shetty

    You can’t hold an event in Africa without these big guys, they are so useful. The brother rented it for a wedding and bought it directly behind. Simply do not want to tear down.

  • Pillai

    Maybe it’s just a simple tent. I contacted a rental company last summer to buy a 10*10 party tent. It was so nice to use. The company helped us decorate and set it up. I purchased it afterwards for a very low price. The annual maintenance is a very small cost.

  • Deshmukh

    Surprise! The sales manager of Party-Tent was so professional, telling me everything from venue planning to styling suggestions, to building venue planning, testing, post maintenance, and usage suggestions. I think this is a professional tent company.

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