20x20m Frame Tent For The Conference

August has arrived, but the weather is still very hot. How do you organize a great event outdoors in this heat? How can you organize a perfect outdoor conference?

Outdoor events are inevitably associated with frame party tents. This is truly a royal product for large outdoor conferences.

We offer customized frame party tents with different looks and decorations to make your event unique. You can make your own tent to suit your ideas. From the roof to the floor to the detailed decoration and a host of other accessories, we can provide you with them all.

20x20m party tent for outdoor conference

The clean white PVC double fabric canopy with a practical human-shaped roof shape takes only half a day to set up. The high-strength construction gives the tent a long life and allows it to stand up even in strong winds or heavy rain. Meet your requirements for business events.

They are very mobile and easy to set up and take down. The speed of re-pitching depends on the size of your tent.

Frame party tents are suitable for almost any type of event, making them a versatile solution for everything from backyard parties to large festivals and concerts.

Can I Use Several Frame Tents Together With Other Tents?

For some wedding parties and catering gatherings, a 20x20m party tent couldn’t be more suitable.

In some cases, you may need a larger indoor space, or extra indoor space to store objects. Then try several smaller tents clustered around the larger tent to create a versatile event site. This way, guests don’t have to travel too far and can still enjoy themselves without having to walk through other tents.

As with most canopies and tents, frame tents can be extended in 5m increments. Unlimited expansion is possible with only the tent frame. Even used 20×20 frame tents are possible. However, once this installation is complete, it is not so easy to alter. For this reason, it is advisable to have your tent measured on-site by a tent company before buying or renting.

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  • Singh

    We are looking for a luxury party tent that can accommodate 150 people, with high-level ventilation and lighting facilities. Please provide products and quotations that meet these requirements.

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