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Four-season camping tent, the popular tipi tent (also called tepee tent) can be used in different seasons of the year. With its stylish shape and versatile design, why don’t you give it a try? Imagine how pleasant it is to be in a complex outdoor environment, overlooking green forests and flowing rivers, with not only your enthusiasm for exploring the wilderness, but also the “little house” of everyday life. No matter how far you go, when you’re tired and sleepy, there’s a comfortable bed, picnic gear, and friends to explore with – this tipi camping tent is perfect.

A four-season camping tent is an outdoor tent that can be used year-round, whether you are facing the sweltering heat of summer or the snow and ice of winter. There are many things to consider when planning a four season camping tent outing, not all tents need to be all-terrain and used all year round.

When you are out in the wilderness eating and drinking over a fire, you need to be aware of safety and where to place your materials. Waterproof and fire retardant fabrics can fade and wear out with prolonged use and exposure to the sun. Fortunately, these coverings can be returned from the factory for replacement. Wear and tear is typically inspected over the course of a year.

Details In The Tipi Camping Tent

First, if you feel stuffy in your tent, pull up the tipi chimney to get good ventilation. In winter, pull it down to keep some of the heat inside the tent.

Second, to keep out mosquitoes, flying insects, snakes, and other small animals when you sleep, the bottom grille can be closed to form a chamber with the ground mat inside the tent.

Third, reserve a fire and camping light resident in front of the tent so that it appears to be on standby rather than empty.

Fourth, bulge out the side walls, which have long made the interior of the tipi more depressing. This is because there are no support poles in the center. By adding cross poles, we have increased the interior space by 10% and now have the convenience of suspension.

Some outdoor emergencies are far beyond your imagination and it is certainly advisable to go to a camping base with infrastructure or to a hotel camping tent area. This is also the best way to improve your quality of life.

Tipi Camping Tent Specifications

Eave height2.1m1.9m
Ridge height2.7m3.6m
Top height3m
Diameter when sides are raised28m²
Floor area10m²
Covered area when sides are raised
Capacity (standing)10 people16 people
Capacity (seated)6 people8 people
Capacity (camping)2 people
Main polesWooden pole Φ60x3100mmWooden pole Φ70x4600mm
Weight of Packageabout 80kg/setabout 150kg/set

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