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Setting up a party tent is becoming more and more popular when hosting an outdoor event, as it is very easy to assemble and dismantle. Moreover, you will impress everyone involved with its unique beauty. There are many party tents cases from Liri Tent, from party tent rentals to party tent wholesales.

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Commercial tipi tents

Commercial Event Tipi Tent

During the summer, business events in the city become frequent and characteristic, making many people want to participate in one ...
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40 People Tipi Tent For Outdoor Camping Party

On a summer night, there is a party called a tipi camping party. At the weekend, it's time to meet ...
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Farm Campsite 72 People Tipi Tent

On weekends, there is no need to drive hundreds of kilometers to the outskirts, maybe 20 kilometers to the family ...
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Beer Festival Party Tents For Sale

The Beer Festival is a festival where many international beer brands and a variety of delicacies gather together. With over ...
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Transparent Geodesic Dome Party Tent

In the evening, an automobile brand held a distinctive new car press conference. Different from the fixed mode released by ...
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15 x 60 A-frame Party Tent

For events with limited venues, how can we arrange to set up a party tent? This time, the event organizer ...
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Party Canopy Tent

20×40 Party Tent

20x40 party tent is the best place for outdoor gatherings. Compared with other small party tents, the size of 20x40m ...
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Festival Tents For Beer Festival

When holding large festival events, it is necessary to find an indoor place. But it is very hard to find ...
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Event Tents With Clear Tops

Event Tents With Clear Tops

Clear-top tents are frame tents made from transparent materials. Everyone loves the unique look of this design. Many events have ...
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Inflatable Party Tents for Sale

Inflatable Party Tents

The special feature of the inflatable party tent is that the top of the tent is designed with an inflatable ...
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Customize Clear Span Marquee Party Tent

Customized Clear Span Marquee Party Tent has always been popular; the unique design, flexible frame structure which can perfectly build ...
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Party Rentals

Quality Tents & Party Rentals

To add glamour, beauty, and sophistication to outdoor events, luxury outdoor tents are often used. These are available in a ...
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200 People Wedding Tent For Sale

Wedding Reception Tent For Sale When it comes to planning your wedding, the venue is one of the most important ...
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Pvc Pagoda Party Tent

PVC Pagoda Party Tent

The PVC Pagoda Party Tent series is available in 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, and 6x6m with a standard side height of ...
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Large Outdoor Party Tent

Large Outdoor Party Tents are a practical and inexpensive way to host an outdoor event. Can provide you with an ...
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Party Tents And Events

Tents are often used for Party Tents And Events. Different kinds of designs and patterns are also made on the ...
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Party Tent With Sides for Sale

Party Tent With Sides

With the most-awaited party season of the year just around the corner, the demand for party tents is sure to ...
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Outdoor Dining Room Tents

Outdoor Dining Room Tent

The choice of dining venues is vast and varied these days with many venues now getting in on the act ...
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