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Setting up a party tent is becoming more and more popular when hosting an outdoor event, as it is very easy to assemble and dismantle. Moreover, you will impress everyone involved with its unique beauty. There are many party tents cases from Liri Tent, from party tent rentals to party tent wholesales.

If you are interested in tents below and getting a quote, just SEND your detailed product inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wholesale Party Tents

Liri wholesale party tents offer room for your quite individual space design. Side heights are with 2.5m, 2.6m, 3m, 3.3m, ...
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Commercial Party Tents

An outdoor party in commercial party tents might give guests fresh feeling and more surprises. The commercial event tent cannot ...
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party tents rental

Party Tents Rental

Nowadays, celebrating a important moment in life such as weddings outdoor becomes more and more popular. Imagine the feeling that ...
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big party tents

Big Party Tents for Sale

One main trouble when planning outdoor events could be strong sunlight, wind, and rain, especially on hot summer days. So ...
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deluxe party tents

Deluxe Party Tents

Setting up deluxe party tents is the best choice for planning an unforgettable event. They are so flexible that several workers can ...
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Marquee Tents Sale

We manufacture and sell beautiful party marquee tents. We have been exporting party marquees to more than 120 countries for ...
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10x20 party tents for sale

10×20 Party Tents

The 10x20 party tents can be very perfect for many different occasions, including weddings, anniversary celebrations, cookouts, and parties. There ...
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500 People Party Tents

If you want a party or wedding more special and memorable, clear span tents are the first option. From 100 ...
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1000 people party tents

1000 People Party Tents

1000 People Party Tents Introduce If you are celebrating special events, the best choice is to hold a tented party ...
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20×30 Party Tents for Sale

This metal frame 20X30 party tents is for about 500 people, which is hot selling in the event rental market ...
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10x30 party tent for outdoor events

10×30 Party Tents for Sale

The main profile size of the 10x30 party tents is 100X48X3mm. The modular structure can be increased or decreased in ...
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large party tents sale

Large Party Tents Sale

Liri high-quality party tent is a kind of fabric structure designed with flexibility and affordability. It has a wide variety ...
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