Custom Sports Party Tents For Marathon Race

With the improvement of people’s living standards, outdoor sports projects are becoming more and more popular, especially various sports activity projects. In order to provide a better place for outdoor sports activities, Liri Architectural Technology has developed a series of party tents for this purpose. They not only have a unique design, but also take into account good practicality and functionality, and are loved by organizers.

Outdoor Sports Party Tents

——Provide you with a one-stop professional event supporting facilities

Marathon is an outdoor long-distance running race loved by many people. Liri Architectural Technology has in-depth cooperation with all kinds of large marathon races in the world. We have provided comprehensive and professional one-stop temporary space solutions for many of the world’s leading marathons.

Marathons often involve tens of thousands of participants, and providing them with a temporary shelter space is a challenge. Liri Architectural Technology can provide large party tents from 3m-100m to accommodate more than 10,000 people. It is surprising that such a large space does not have any pillars to separate and bear the weight. This is very conducive to the division of functional areas, such as runners’ rest area, pre-race preparation area, free activity area, etc.

In the 2019 Beijing Marathon, Liri Architectural Technology provided a custom party tent with the polygonal combination. The oval shape, floor-to-ceiling transparent PVC windows all around, and white PVC top cloth make it unforgettable. It can be used as a gathering area, a selling area, or an item storage area.

For the 2022 Hengqin Marathon in China, Liri Architectural Technology provided a uniquely designed patchwork Indian tent. The transparent curtain wall design not only makes the interior more transparent but also allows observation of the outdoor race. As a VIP reception room and rest area, it can well distinguish the ordinary tent.

Liri Architectural Technology provides a series of supporting facilities for large sports projects. For example, athlete locker room, medical center, security check, reception, guest area, outdoor restrooms, and other party tents.

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    We require a wedding tent with sound equipment that offers excellent sound quality and remote control functionality. Please provide the price along with the equipment specifications.

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    We are planning to host a large music festival outdoors and need a large number of party tents to provide shade and shelter from the rain for the audience. Could you please tell us if you offer customization services? If so, please provide the prices and delivery times for custom party tents.

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