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Liri Tent provides a wide range of tents accessories including tables and chairs, lining and curtain, lighting, heating and cooling, etc. We have many years’ experience in selling and renting outdoor party tents since 1997. Therefore, we can provide ideas and useful information about how to decorate a beautiful tent for you. With our custom accessories, you can create your own style.

If you are interested in party tent accessories below or other more, just SEND your detailed product inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

party tent lining design

Party Tents Lining

Party tents lining is core decoration for wedding event tents. Delicately design lining and curtain make party tents more eye-catching ...
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Party tables and chairs

Party Tables and Chairs

Party tables and chairs are very essential for party tents design, which make tents inside more unique. Different kinds of ...
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indoor party tents flooring

Modular Party Tents Flooring

Modular party tents flooring system is flexible and easy to set up, which match perfectly with our party tents. Additionally, ...
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