Party Tent Heaters

When using the party tent method in winter, snow is used as a gorgeous outdoor scenery. When hosting outdoor events in winter, one thing to keep in mind is to protect the comfortable human temperature inside. This is where a party tent heater is an excellent choice. It allows the tent to rise quickly to the plague, giving guests a warm winter party.

Introduction To Party Tent Heaters

Generally, there are two options on party tent heaters that can supply continuous heating for the party tent: the fuel oil heater and air conditioner.

  1. The fuel oil heater is mainly composed of an air heater and a fan. The air heater dissipates heat, and then the fan sends out to adjust the indoor air temperature. In this way, it is not only able to concentrate the heat with a large heat dissipation area, but also to increase the operating efficiency. More importantly, it is safe and energy-saving.
  2. When the air conditioner is heating, the gas freon is pressurized by the compressor to become high temperature and high-pressure gas, and then enter the heat exchanger of the indoor unit (working as condenser at this time), condense and liquefy to release heat, become liquid, and heat the indoor air at the same time, increasing the indoor temperature.

These two kinds of party tent heaters have their own advantages:

The oil heater needs to be placed outside so that it does not take up space and is more aesthetically pleasing. It is more convenient to move and does not require complicated installation. Apart from this, it saves electricity and money, but it will produce slight noise while working;

Compared to heaters, smart air conditioners are simple to operate. Many user-friendly settings do not even need to be operated. We recommend that you use it in cold weather to ensure that party events run smoothly.

You can, of course, choose the right number of heaters depending on the size of your party tent. You can hire them for use, which is more cost effective as well as being maintenance free.

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    We require a large wedding tent for the party, which should be 120 square meters in size, and needs to be durable and water-resistant for outdoor use. Please provide the price along with additional details.

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