Party Tent With Air Conditioner

To make our customers access to a one-stop-shop service, Party-Tent provides kinds of accessories for events equipment including a tent air conditioner that can refrigerate and heat, and dehumidify. Choose an air conditioner with different horsepower for different spaces, such as 5hp, 10hp, 30hp, 40hp, and so on. We unified the design of the tent air conditioner, making it possible to place it outside or inside.

According to the area of the tent, there are 5HP, 10HP, 30HP, and 40HP air conditioners available to choose from. There are four air supply states: high, medium, low and automatic. They have the same cooling, heating, ventilation, and dehumidification four functions, which can greatly improve the air environment inside the tent.

Advantages of Tent Air Conditioner:

  • Seamless installation, perfect fit with the tent.
  • The ideal temperature control can be achieved in a short time.
  • Lower noise, suitable for official occasions.
  • Integrated design, one-click Started.
  • High intelligent temperature automatic regulation system.
  • Sheet metal structure is more durable.

Tent air conditioners are very effective in cooling and heating and have a good energy efficiency ratio. Our units are fully functional, with safety measures such as overload protection, reverse protection, missing protection, and high and low voltage protection.

2 thoughts on “Party Tent With Air Conditioner

  • Fernandes

    High power ventilators are really important for large tents. Tried to save money in a 1000 person event and rented one less equipment, encountered guests heat to heat stroke.

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