10m Geodesic Dome Tent Reception

The 10m geodesic dome tent is versatile and looks great. The white dome party tent offers quality indoor space and the ability to decorate in any style you desire.

A triangular-shaped structure covered with white PVC high-fiber fabric is a simple and accurate description of the Geodesic Dome Tent.

The Geodesic Dome Tent is highly versatile thanks to its PVC high fiber cloth, which comes in a variety of options including white, white + clear, clear, printed images, and other PVC cloths.

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The combination of transparent film and dome tent is the clear top dome tent, which can be used for parties.

Geodesic Dome Tent For YOGA

When you walk into this geodesic dome tent for yoga, the translucent windows offer a view of the outdoor environment, and the white top shades you from the sun.

60m Dome Party Tent Rental Guide

Dome party tent is one of the tent types that have been selling well in recent years. Whether it is a mall event, mini-concerts, outdoor hotels, specialty restaurants.

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