Wooden Tipi40 Tent for Dining Bar

Wooden tipi tents are popular all over the world and there are corresponding product models for different ages, scenes and sizes.

In the center of large commercial plazas, newly built wooden tipi tents are used for dining bars and coffee bars. In the uniform urban architecture, tipi tents look charming and easily approachable.

The bottom diameter is 8 meters, the canopy spreads 11 meters and the height is 6 meters. The simple bar accommodates 3 staff members and is open 24 hours a day.

The raised floor effectively prevents ground dust from drifting in. Sand yellow thickened canvas is both waterproof and UV resistant. If you install a perimeter curtain, you can consider adding a high-powered air conditioner to improve indoor comfort in summer.

Rent a wooden tipi tent to act as an outdoor event landmark. Wooden tipi tents are similar to assembly frame tents in that they can be fitted with additional equipment as required. Examples include transparent enclosure curtains, security doors, lights, and chillers.

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