Gazebo Canopy Party Tent for Sale

Feature Gazebo Canopy Party Tent

The Gazebo Canopy Party Tent is one of LIRI small tent types, the available sizes are 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m, 8x8m and 10x10m.This type of tent can be assembled and dismantled quickly and repeatedly, which makes it widely used for outdoor party, sports event, various exhibition and so on.

The framework of the Gazebo Canopy Party Tent is an aluminum structure, which is more strong and stable.

sidewalls are made of flame-retardant double PVC-coated polyester textile, flame retardant to DIN4102.B1.M2, and CFM/NFPA701, America, and Europe relative certificates are available. LIRI provide a great many optional accessories as clients’ choice according to different requirement.

The tent covers’ color is not only white but also can be red, black, yellow, blue, etc. We also can offer a special transparent cover for the tent too.

Furthermore, we still can offer luxury tempered glass wall, solid ABS wall, double wing tempered glass door, single wing tempered glass door for luxury party tents for sale, which can be used for luxury events and makes it more successful.l.

For the inner decoration of the Gazebo Canopy Party Tent, we can offer pleated roof lining and side curtains for it, various colors are available, like white, purple, golden and so on, which makes the tent inner space looks more beautiful and attractive.

work for us. With our modern facilities and skillful workers, LIRI tents own the best quality in China. If you buy tents from LIRI, you don’t need to worry about anything.[/vc_column_text]

Party Tent Series Specifications

Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile
3m2.5m3.98m65x65x2.5mm (4 - channel)
4m2.5m4.58m65x65x2.5mm (4 - channel)
5m2.5m5m65x65x2.5mm (4 - channel)
6m2.5m5.43m65x65x2.5mm (4 - channel)

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