40 People Tipi Tent For Camping Party

There is a party called the Tipi Camping Party. At the weekend, it’s time to meet your friends and head to the campsite for a night of barbecuing, drinking, and enjoying the music. Maybe it’s your first outdoor party of the year.



The Tipi Tent For Camping Party

The tipi originates from the conical tent of the Indians, made on a sheet of canvas with several wooden poles. Nowadays, tipi tents have been available in many different sizes and dimensions for outdoor parties, weddings, restaurants, and other scenarios.

This is a 40 people tipi tent for a party, located in the center of this camping area. Incidentally, we also have cases for 20 people and 72 people. We have equipped it with long beer tables, beer kegs, campfire stoves, a bar, and a barbecue to properly create the atmosphere of an outdoor party.



Tipi Party Tent Specifications

As you can see, Tipi tents are available in a wide range of sizes. It can cover almost any requirement for different venues and the number of people to be accommodated. In fact, our factory can make custom sizes on demand.

Eave height2.1m2.1m2.1m
Ridge height9.15m6.8m5.5m
Top height9.75m7.4m6.1m
Diameter when sides are raised16.5m13m11m
Floor area150m²83m²50m²
Covered area when sides are raised210m²132m²95m²
Capacity (standing)120 people80 people45 people
Capacity (seated)100 people72 people40 people
Capacity (camping)70 people50 people25 people
Main polesWooden pole Φ80/180x11500mmWooden pole Φ70/130x8300mmWooden pole Φ70/130x6800mm
Weight of Packageabout 850kg/setabout 700kg/setabout 300kg/set

6 thoughts on “40 People Tipi Tent For Camping Party

  • Lexus

    How many people can sleep in a 40 person tipi tent and is there complete camping equipment to give away.

  • Natividad27899

    Is a 40-person tipi tent worth it? Is there a smaller one suitable for camping that can be readily built outdoors. How many people need to cooperate to build a complete 40 person tipi tent?

  • chafetz

    This giant camping tent glows really well at night. Do you provide these lights and factual decorations?

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