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Creating a grand banqueting party is often the choice of booking and holding it in a luxury hotel. However, a conventional hotel ballroom is not a good showcase for your creativity and whimsy. However, an outdoor temporary structure – an aluminum party tent – can give full play to your imagination and talent.

Party-Tent has always offered the best large tent and outdoor temporary building solutions in the industry. Transparent party tents, for example, have a European chic look but also offer a more luxurious ambiance with a minimalist look.

A Visual Site That Penetrates Time And Space

Even the luxury hotel ballroom cannot offer a roof height of 6 or even 10 meters, but the aluminum tent can.
Even the luxury hotel ballroom can’t see through the roof to the stars, but the aluminum tent can.
Even the luxury hotel ballroom can’t give you the atmosphere of a forest in the wild, but an aluminum tent can.

The transparent banquet party tent looks like a large crystal building. The transparent PVC tarp is paired with an aluminum stand to create a luxurious netted banquet hall. At dawn, it can be lit without the aid of natural light. When the lights come on at night, you can easily blend in and enjoy either setting.

Customizable Live Atmosphere Effects

To suit different scenarios, Party-Tent also offers a wide range of transparent party tents in different shapes. For example, solutions for different scenarios such as theme parties, outdoor weddings, and product launches. Even multiple tents of different shapes are set up in the same scene to enrich the scene with entertainment, fun, and professionalism.

Whether it’s grass, concrete, sand, or even the center of a lake, it can be used as a place to pitch an aluminum tent. Contact us after the event for dismantling and recycling, or continue to hire. This is great news for every event organizer and means that costs can be reduced significantly.

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