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In the evening, an automobile brand held a distinctive new car press conference. Different from the fixed mode released by traditional automobile brands, a Transparent geodesic dome tent with a diameter of 12 meters is adopted this time. Off-site lighting equipment to render the atmosphere, neatly arranged new cars. On the vast riverside, the press conference is a grand high-level party.

The Transparent geodesic dome tent is made of high-strength Q235 steel pipes, which are firm and durable. Even repeated installation and removal will not affect the performance.

A huge display was placed across the front of the tent with audience seats surrounding it. Other accessories such as an air conditioner, speaker, carpet, and other equipment fully meet the needs of the press conference.

The Transparent geodesic dome tent has a unique shape and is the first choice for users of many large-scale events and high-quality activities. After years of evolution and structure strengthening, the technology of dome tents is very mature. The most attention-grabbing is the transparent tent. This tarp is available in translucent, fully transparent, all white, and other colors. Transparent dome tents are available in sizes spanning from 3 meters to 60 meters and can accommodate events of different sizes. The interior space can accommodate 100 to 500 people in size. The tent cover is made of PVC fabric with UV resistance, mildew resistance, wind pressure resistance, and flame retardant.

Transparent geodesic dome tents Specification

DiameterCeiling HeightFloor AreaVolumeStruts Details

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