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The TIPI tent, also known as the Indian tent, is an outdoor tent with a conical roof. Perfect for camping trips, wilderness restaurants, and garden parties. Thanks to the conical shape of the top, it performs very well in terms of wind resistance. Compared to normal outdoor tents, the wilderness camping atmosphere is very attractive.

TIPI tent is an outdoor tent in the shape of a cone.

TIPI tent uses 5 to 12 wooden poles to support it and wraps the wooden poles with tarpaulin to complete it. Installation and disassembly are very easy. Suitable for Indians who live in the Great Plains in a nomadic way.

We studied this style and redesigned the original style TIPI solid wood tent with modern technology. The interior is supported by ten to twenty wooden piles. The new PVC tarpaulin fully covers the wooden poles and highlights the internal frames, making the tent more tridimensional and fuller. The front is a solid wood double door frame design. The style of the original TIPI tent is restored to the greatest extent.

TIPI wood tents have strong wind and rain resistance. At the same time, it can be used alone or in combination. It is suitable for outdoor tent restaurants, outdoor accommodation hotels, camping bases, etc.

The newly designed TIPI tents are available in a wide range of sizes, from accommodating 20 to 100 people. The large TIPI does not differ in appearance. You can choose your own according to your needs.

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