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It is very unique for holding events with our party tents in winter with snow as a gorgeous background. But if you want to hold events in winter, you must first ensure that the indoor temperature is kept at room temperature so as to provide customers with a comfortable environment. At this time, the party tent heater is a very good option to warm the tent instantly and bring customers a warm winter party.

Generally, there are two options on party tent heaters that can supply continuous heating for the party tent: the fuel oil heater and air conditioner.

  1. The fuel oil heater is mainly composed of an air heater and a fan. The air heater dissipates heat, and then the fan sends out to adjust the indoor air temperature. In this way, it is not only able to concentrate the heat with a large heat dissipation area, but also to increase the operating efficiency. More importantly, it is safe and energy-saving.
  2. When the air conditioner is heating, the gas freon is pressurized by the compressor to become high temperature and high-pressure gas, and then enter the heat exchanger of the indoor unit (working as condenser at this time), condense and liquefy to release heat, become liquid, and heat the indoor air at the same time, increasing the indoor temperature.

These two kinds of party tent heaters have their own advantages:

The fuel oil heater is placed outside the tent, which saves the area and won’t affect the appearance. It is more convenient to move and does not require complicated installation. Apart from this, it saves electricity and money, but it will produce slight noise while working;

Compared with the heater, the intelligent air conditioner is easy to operate. It can be switched on and off regularly and has a wide coverage area and a faster heating speed. However, it needs to be placed indoors and the environment is relatively closed. Therefore, it needs to be selected according to customer needs. The above are the best solutions for party activities in cold seasons.

Of course, we will make a tailored solution about the quantity of party tent heaters for you according to the size of the party tent. In addition to the direct purchase of the product, you can also choose to lease it, which can better save costs and eliminate maintenance in the future.

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