What Size Party Tent Do I Need

Many people ask what size party tent do I need when buying the party tent. At this time, we can use a simple method to calculate the approximate size of the tent needed.

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Number of Guests

(record the approximate number of guests who attended)

The area occupied by a guest is about 0.8~2 square meters, so if we calculate by the maximum value, 100 peoples need 200 square meters of site area.


In addition to the location where guests stand, we still need to place the food tables, tables, and chairs. A regular rectangular buffet table (120cm in length and 40cm in width) occupies 4.8 square meters, and a table that can seat 8 peoples, covering area is about 6.25 square meters, so the organizer can increase the required buffet tables and tables and chairs according to the actual situation.

2000 people event tent

Other Areas

In addition to these areas, a party also needs to place an important area of the stage (the national standard stage size is 18 meters in width and 20 meters in length, which is equal to 360 square meters). Of course, the actual size of the stage can be determined after checking the rendering of the party tent, and then design the exclusive stage area.

Based on this, you can roughly calculate what size party tent do I need to hold a party. When you know the size of the venue you need, the next thing you need to do is to choose a suitable party tent. The following are some of the most common tent sizes. Please remember that the size of your tent cannot be smaller than the area you expected.

party tent

Tent Size

10m x 10m 100sqm
10m x 15m150sqm
20m x 20m400sqm
20m x 30m600sqm
20m x 40m800sqm
30m x 30m900sqm
20m x 50m1000sqm
20m x 60m1200sqm
30m x 40m1200sqm
30m x 50m1500sqm
20m x 80m1600sqm
40m x 40m1600sqm
30m x 60m1800sqm
30m x 70m2100sqm
30m x 80m2400sqm
40m x 60m2400sqm
40m x 80m3200sqm
60m x 60m3600sqm
40m x 100m 4000sqm
60m x 70m 4200sqm
40m x 120m4800sqm
60m x 80m4800sqm
40m x 160m6400sqm
80m x 80m6400sqm

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  • may lus

    It feels like 20m is only appropriate for a fancy party. I let 100 people attend this party chose 15m is really not enough.

  • omi2009

    Please ask how many people came to this party. How many back-up tents were used and I need your reply.

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