Indian Wedding and Royal Tents

A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life and every single thing be it the food, decoration, venue, or clothes related to the day should be perfect. Indian weddings are believed to be the most glamorous amongst all because it has got all the shine and glitter. Since most of the weddings occur inside tents, there is a huge variety of tents available in the market. Let’s read more about Indian weddings and Royal Tents.

Indian Wedding tent

The most important and decorated thing that one can see while attending an Indian wedding is the tent under, which the couple exchanges its vows. An Indian wedding is said to be the longest one since the wedding rituals take more than an hour to complete. Hence, these rituals are conducted under a marquee tent wherein the couple sits next to one another and the guests witnessing the wedding sit surrounding them, listening and enjoying every minute of the beginning of their new lives. The tent under which the guests accompany the couple is usually decorated with colorful flowers. These flowers vary from marigold to daisies, suiting the weather. If the wedding is in winter, daisies are seen to be used more since in the summer season, these flowers get withered easily. Hence, in summer, the decorators prefer marigold and roses to enhance the beauty of the wedding tent.

Royal Tents

These tents act as a boon during the summer season since the guests are protected from heat and direct sunlight. Although most Indian weddings are conducted during the night, a marquee tent is seen in almost every wedding. There are certain decorators who are assigned to decorate only the tent and not the entire wedding hall. These tents are portable and when the wedding vows are completed, the decorators move the tent to the next wedding they are called for. If the wedding is being held during the night, the marquee tent is decorated with different LED lights and decorative ornaments.

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