Customize Clear Span Marquee Party Tent

Customized clear clear span party tents have always been popular. This unique design, flexible frame structure, removable convenience, and extra-long service life have been trusted by event planners. An exquisite indoor temporary space, not only for sacred wedding parties, but also for birthday parties, music parties and so on.

There are many exquisite online dating parties and celebrity charity parties on INS that choose to be held inside the party tent. The stunning outdoor scenery, unique design elements, gorgeous stage and so on have become the places people chase. Behind all this is based on the good reputation of transparent net span party tents for many years, and the reliable quality.

Clear Span Marquee Party Tent

Transparent Clear Span Party Marquee

With the development of the times, our thoughts and behaviors are also changing. Nowadays, people are more likely to choose to hold it outdoors or in an open area. Choosing a scenic outdoor venue to set up a net span party tent, and then decorating the tent according to the wedding theme, has become the choice of more people. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, but it is also an expression of freedom.

Customize Clear Span Marquee Party Tent

Customized Clear Span Party Banquet Tent

Whether it’s grass, snow, or desert, a clear span party tent can be set up anywhere outdoors. It blends in with the natural environment to the maximum extent and does not damage the environment. When the sun shines through the transparent PVC tarp, the wedding atmosphere is already better than any hotel wedding reception. Guests can also enjoy the outdoor scenery while dining and taking photos together.

Professional wedding planners will even consider posting photos to INS and FACEBOOK for you.

Clear Wedding Span Tent

Clear Span Marquee Party Tent is a temporary building, which can build a spacious space in the shortest time and solve the sudden outdoor weather impact. Like the wedding, more people are pursuing freedom, breaking away from traditional constraints. On the one hand, it brings profit for the organizer; on the other hand, it makes up the capital investment for the previous tent purchase. Of course, we also provide Party Tent rental service which can satisfy the client’s needs with more humanized treatment.

Clear span tents have many advantages over other types of tents. They are very easy to install and dismantle because they do not need stakes or any kind of ground anchors to secure their position on the ground.

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