Crystal Dome Star House For Sale

Among the tent types of Party-Tent, Crystal Dome Star House is one kind of clear dome tent. It is widely used for domed sunrooms, garden restaurants, and car showrooms.

Fashion Clear Dome Tent

The Crystal Dome Star House has a unique design style, making it a high-end tent for people who love high quality and fashion. The advanced structure design makes the construction faster and at the same time effectively improves the safety of construction. You can use it as a stand-alone semi-permanent structure.

The Crystal Dome Star House is available in different sizes from 3m-8m. There is no load-bearing support inside, which saves material, but the mechanical performance and solidity index are quite good and the safety factor is extremely high. In terms of details, swinging sliding door, liftable skylight, ventilation system, and full-body LED light strip, it has all kinds of novel technology and design.

5 thoughts on “Crystal Dome Star House For Sale

  • Colin

    Large crystal bubble houses are really not often seen, and as a commercial store, this is spectacular.

  • Rao

    Although it is past winter, I want to install crystal house in the backyard. Is the lighting match complete? Can I have enough electricity provided by my electricity storage box?

  • Nazareth

    Is there a catalog of power consumption and sample list of Crystal House?
    I am planning to build 4 similar sphere tents in California, are there any customers who have made this into a commercial service industry.

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