Giant Tipi Tent For Outdoor Restaurant

The traditional tipi tent, small and quick to erect, is mostly used for outdoor camping. Now we are introducing the giant tipi tent, which is a combination of single tipi tents. This is not a simple combination, we have rigorously redesigned it. Even though the size is huge, it has a more stable structure and is more versatile. For example tipi restaurant tents, camping tents, showroom tents, etc.

As you can see, this giant Tipi tent is like a freestanding building. In fact, it is a combination of three separate Tipi tents. It is possible to combine 2 to 4 tents together as required. Of course, we think that 3 of them together look best.

A typical camping site consists of the main building and a number of functional buildings. The common frame tent is robust but does not fit well in the outdoor environment. The Tipi tent, on the other hand, which is made entirely of cedar wood, is factory-made but blends in well with the natural environment and creates a good feeling for it.

The size of tipi tent you choose will depend entirely on the size of your venue.

Perhaps you imagine that such a behemoth would be very cramped for space as well as being somewhat risky. It is. It is slightly less wind resistant, reaching only a force of 10 winds. I think this is sufficient. The reason for this is that the giant tipi tent is a mixture of polygonal and triangular shapes. It is more resistant to strong winds than one might expect.

5 thoughts on “Giant Tipi Tent For Outdoor Restaurant

  • Lockie

    Large tipi tents are so handsome outdoors.
    Once I was at an outdoor campground for a party and the tipi tent height was as magnificent as a pyramid.
    I wish more tipi were set up.

  • Bartley

    How much is the outdoor wedding tipi tent?
    Is there a tipi event company that can provide prices?

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