Classic Tent Rentals & Party Supplies

Planning and hosting a successful party requires work. A lot of it. And, the ideal party supplies. They can be hired from suppliers and you get to choose what you feel is needed to organize a memorable affair. Below is a list of common supplies rented or purchased that every host should have.

Classic Tent Rentals & Party Supplies


If it’s a small indoor gathering then skip this. The same goes for people fortunate to have large homes. Outdoor affairs, on the other hand, are a different matter and unless the weather is pleasant you need a marquee.

These portable tents can be easily purchased online or hired from any party supply company. They’re made of PVC with galvanized aluminum poles to hold the structures firmly down. Loosen your purse strings and you can even get marquees in the style of gazebos or pagodas with extra frills and fancies. Expect to pay several hundred for a tent.


Okay, the jukebox may be replaced by smaller and better-sounding audio players but they bring back memories and should be considered when hosting a party for middle-aged friends and family. It’ll cost you around $180 to $200 for overnight hire, not a bad price considering guests are taken down memory lane.


Decorations like fairy lights, ribbons, bowls, and pots filled with colored marbles can all be purchased for a cheap price since they’re very commonly used. Ribbons don’t have to be tied the traditional way but can adorn stools to add a touch of style. The same goes for fairy lights. Rather than string them the entire length, entwine them to form a ball and place them inside translucent bowls.

Cocktail machines

Cocktail machines can be the highlight of a party. They make cocktail preparations so easy and suppliers show you how to operate them. Depending on the cocktail mixes you choose, packages can start from as low as $140. You get free plastic cups and straws, a demonstration on how to operate the machine, free machine clean-up, and a tech support number should you have problems with the equipment.

Catering equipment

For a small party, you can make do with your own kitchen equipment. A larger affair, however, will likely see you requiring additional equipment for food preparation and cooking. Rather than purchase the tools, rent catering supplies to cut costs. You can choose from the likes of food warmers, salad servers, fondue sets, serving carts, ovens, beverage dispensers, and food carriers.

Table linen

Table linen isn’t required for small, informal affairs. But if you don’t have the sufficient fabric you can either purchase or rent them. We suggest buying them since they can always be used in the future. Rentals can sometimes charge surprisingly high prices for a round of table linen so unless you find a good deal, skip renting and go with the purchase.


Lighting is very important for an event no matter how small because it sets the mood and the pace. For a dance party, hire a disco ball or buy one. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find a combination of homeliness and a disco theme.

One of the biggest advantages of buying party supplies is that you get to use them over and over again at a one-time cost. Renting is a good idea for people who don’t throw parties frequently. Whether you decide to purchase or rent, what matters is that supplies can greatly enhance parties.

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