Teepee Restaurant Tent

Tired of the same old restaurants and have a desire to escape from life in the city? I suggest you try the outdoor teepee restaurant.

The world-famous teepee camping tent has been crafted and upgraded into an outdoor teepee restaurant that can seat more than 20 people. Taller and sturdier, the teepee outdoor restaurant is the luxury outdoor restaurant of choice.

Teepee Restaurant Materials

The luxury teepee outdoor dining room is made using a combination of custom-made wooden poles and canvas. This of course differs from the old teepee tents in that it is much stronger and more functional. A more stable physical structure with longer ground pegs is used for fixing. The interior also features cross beams that cannot be detached.

The interior of the luxury teepee outdoor dining room is particularly spacious. It can reach over 100 m² and accommodate between 20 and 100 people.

You can open the sides of the tent when you feel that the air is not circulating. This design continues the traditional teepee tent character.

A smart operator will design and operate a luxury teepee tent as if it were a luxury restaurant. Planting flowers, hanging lights, carpeting, wooden tables and chairs, etc. This is an exquisite teepee outdoor restaurant.

Teepee Restaurant Tent Specifications

Eave height2.1m2.1m2.1m2.1m2.1m2.1m
Ridge height9.15m6.8m5.5m5m4.3m4.3m
Top height9.75m7.4m6.1m5.5m4.8m4.8m
Diameter when sides are raised16.5m13m11m
Floor area150m²83m²50m²42m²33m²33m²
Covered area when sides are raised210m²132m²95m²
Capacity (standing)120 people80 people45 people28 people20 people20 people
Capacity (seated)100 people72 people40 people24 people16 people12 people
Capacity (camping)70 people50 people25 people16 people12 people6 people
Main polesWooden pole Φ80/180x11500mmWooden pole Φ70/130x8300mmWooden pole Φ70/130x6800mmWooden pole Φ70/120x6100mmWooden pole Φ70/120x5300mmWooden pole Φ70/120x5300mm
Weight of Packageabout 850kg/setabout 700kg/setabout 300kg/setabout 250kg/setabout 200kg/setabout 250kg/set

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