Small Tipi Camping Tent

Every weekend, busy city-dwellers make every effort to leave the familiar city and plunge into the natural environment of the outdoors, the wilderness, and the forest. Some people like to bring their tents and go camping, while others like to go to camping campsites and enjoy life.

Camping is not a practice, but a way to relax. So we should try to make our wildlife as comfortable as possible. Bring some essential camping equipment, such as small tipi tents, stoves, canned food, cold-proof clothes, etc.


Small Tipi Tent For Camping

The most familiar of camping tents must be the tipi tent. Its origin is hard to find out, but its classic shape is familiar. A few solid wood poles and a canvas-shaped pyramid shape a classic shapes.

Waterproof, UV-resistant PVC multi-layer fiber cloth with thick solid wood poles can ensure functionality and make the tent easier to set up as a whole. It is very spacious inside, you can choose 6 people, 8 people or mini size. It will be convenient to place a table and chairs or a bed inside. You can use your imagination to decorate it.

The interior of the tent has an anti-insect, anti-mosquito screen, and four sides that can open and close the double layer of the breathable tent wall.

Is It Hot For Small Tipi Tent

Many people have questions about whether it will be hot inside the tent during the daytime. It is normal for the outdoor daytime to be 30 degrees or more, but a tipi tent with a layer of canvas is not that hot. We set up a good four windows, as long as the open can be ventilated. During the daytime try to pull the tent door bigger, not only will make the space unusually spacious, but also accelerate the flow of wind speed, and take away the heat.

Also, the smoke hole at the top of the tent can be opened. From the top of the smoke hole to produce natural airflow, and the door of the air convection, to achieve the purpose of internal cooling. In winter, the smoke hole can be closed to keep warm. You say this design is not wonderful.


Advice On Tent Selection

Our tipi tent also adopts a positive polygon design, so the center of gravity is lower, which enhances the wind resistance of the tent, but does not affect its use of space. tipi tents are available in a wide range of models and sizes, from the basic 6 people, and 8 people to 20 people or even more than 72 people. So you can buy and sell according to your needs.

They offer excellent stability and wind resistance, regardless of size. After all, we offer a wide range of ways to stabilize it.

If your purchase budget is very sufficient, it is highly recommended to purchase this 6 People tipi tent. It is the outdoor tent that many players dream of. It can meet both your pursuit of appearance and functionality, as well as the original khaki canvas.


Small Tipi Tent Specifications

Eave height2.1m1.9m
Ridge height2.7m3.6m
Top height3m
Diameter when sides are raised28m²
Floor area10m²
Covered area when sides are raised
Capacity (standing)10 people16 people
Capacity (seated)6 people8 people
Capacity (camping)2 people
Main polesWooden pole Φ60x3100mmWooden pole Φ70x4600mm
Weight of Packageabout 80kg/setabout 150kg/set

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