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It is necessary to keep the temperature indoor when you have a party tent. A good Party depends on the comfortable temperature inside, no matter how luxurious decorations are, the experience is the most important.

A party tent air conditioner will be an essential part. It is totally different from household air conditioner cause tent air conditioner is designed for large building structure technically. It can be installed and transported easily even for the first time. Better refrigerating and heating efficiency with a longer lifespan and less downtime, in the meanwhile, intelligent automatic temperature control system will bring the best indoor environment experience.

There are 3 horsepower, 5 horsepower, 10 horsepower, 20 horsepower and 30 horsepower for an option which you can choose in line with the area of the party.

You can also choose to hire or buy a party tent air conditioner.

We suggest deciding on the actual situation. If you want to have a party for one time, then hiring will be a good idea, but if you need to use AC frequently, then purchase is more cost-effective.

The tent air conditioner has no need for big space for storage and maintenance is not a hardship. Moreover, we will offer a one-stop after-sales service to protect the client’s best interests.

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