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The special feature of inflatable party tents is that the top of the tent is designed with an inflatable air mold, a double-layer PVC fabric, and the air is input to make it bulge. It can not only ensure the insulation, constant temperature, and sound insulation of the tent, but also it has the functions of waterproofing, fireproofing, and ultraviolet protection. When it encounters bad weather of snow and hail, the inflatable roof can play a very good role in unloading to prevent damage to the roof.

Inflatable Party Tents

At an outdoor party, the inflatable party tent shape can be chosen as you want, and create an exclusive style according to the inflatable insulation roof design. And the length and width of inflatable party tents can be flexibly changed based on the actual situation of the venue. In order to enrich a party atmosphere, various colors and patterns can also be painted around the tent. The internal of the inflatable party tent can be decorated in different styles to make a party of your own.

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