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It is difficult to find a tent which can sit more than 800 guests at one time. Even if there is an indoor space near you that can accommodate 800 people, can you afford the high cost? Therefore, based on this situation, a 40 x 40 party tent has been developed to solve the problem of limited space.

The 40 x 40 Party Tent can be applied to various construction sites and be built up in a very short time. The construction of such a portable party tent site accommodating 1,000 people can be completed in one week, which is simple and fast.  Also, it can be designed into a double-decker shape, and then the utilization rate of the site increases to 200% by using the design of two floors, thus not only saving the occupation area but also enjoying higher and farther viewing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

In order to create a better 40 x 40 party tent, you can add grandstand and glass walls on the outside, so that guests can enjoy outdoor scenery more conveniently, besides, you can spray some colors and logo patterns on the surface of the tent to become more eye-catching.

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, 40 x 40 Part tent is with lower maintenance costs and more efficient construction time, while a portable party tent doesn’t need a complicated approval process.  No matter whether it is used as a temporary building or semi-permanent building, there is no problem at all, and it can be widely used in sports events, sales centers, temporary convenience stores, exhibitions, scenic spots, and other scenes.

If you need a smaller tent for a party, a 10 × 30 party tent is also a good choice.

  • Optional Tent Accessories for Graduation Party Tent

  • glass wall
  • curtain
  • walling and lining
  • tent lighting
  • event chairs and tables
  • heating and air conditioning

If you want to know more about this graduation party tent, just SEND your detailed product inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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