Outdoor Wedding Tents – Why Choose It?

With the development of time and the advancement of aesthetics, people are no longer satisfied with the traditional hotel-style wedding. Nowadays, outdoor wedding will become the mainstream. It allows maximum fulfillment of everyone’s demanding wedding ceremony requirements.

Liri-Tents outdoor wedding tents can be set up on any type of ground. Whether it’s water, river bank, grass, beach or island. You just need to give it enough space to create your wedding scene.

The Amazing Outdoor Wedding Tent

Wedding tents usually have a herringbone roof design. The white PVC canvas adds a touch of sanctity and cleanliness to your wedding. 6-80m clear span tents are available to suit the size of your venue, whether 100 or 2000 guests are coming. The speed of this patchwork assembly process allows thousands of square feet to be erected in a single day. Far beyond the scope of a traditional hotel wedding.

Liri-Tents’ outdoor wedding tents can be designed to be circuit free, solving the challenge of powering the site with lights, sound and LED screens. You can also design a stage of any size, height or shape, it’s all up to you. We have experience in designing hundreds of luxury wedding venues and thousands of styles for you to choose from.

The transparent PVC windows on both sides have a smooth, flat, undistorted surface and provide good light. The whole tent has a transparent view, with the outdoor scenery close at hand. At night, you can see the stars and moon through the PVC windows, so let them be the witnesses of your wedding.

With beautiful curtains on the top and around the tent, decorated with warm starlight, the whole venue is filled with a romantic atmosphere. You can also have air conditioning, flooring, projectors, tables and chairs, large chandeliers and other equipment in line with luxury hotels to present a beautiful wedding scene.

Liri-Tents outdoor wedding tents are cleverly designed and well equipped to give you a unique wedding scene. Of course, it is also suitable for business events, gala dinners, outdoor restaurants, celebrations and more.

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    We hope the tent has good lighting facilities to create a better atmosphere at the party. What are the advantages and features of party tents in this regard?

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