Two Story Tents

The two story tents are also made from a modular system like traditional clear span structures. The length can be extended by 5m bay section without a limit, which is the same as the normal clear span tents. Two story tent is a remarkable design specially for saving space when planning outdoor events. For example, it is for high end parties, sporting events like golf tournament, and shows. These modular tents also have many optional accessories to make it multi-functional.

Liri Tent designed the two story tent structures in 2012, leading the tent market in China into a new age. This remarkable design and high quality make it earn lots of favor from clients around the world. The two story structures represent the height of excellence of our design and manufacture.

Double Decker Two Story Tents Dimensions

Span Width Bay Distance Eave Height Ridge Height First Floor Height Main Profile
10m 5m 6.75m 8.5m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
15m 5m 6.75m 9.34m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
20m 5m 6.75m 10.17m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
25m 5m 6.75m 11m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
30m 5m 6.75m 11.75m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
40m 5m 6.75m 13.5m 3.21m 300x120x5mm
Builders can extend the two story structure by 5m bay such as 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m… We can offer custom made tents just for you.

Optional Fittings for Two Story Tents Sale

  • sandwich panel wall, steel panel wall, glass wall, clear wall, and ABS hard wall
  • glass doors, ABS hard doors, sliding doors
  • flooring and guttering system
  • clear roof
  • stakes
  • weight plates
  • silk lining
  • rolling shutter
  • round ends
  • front view balcony
  • stairs
  • one bay out entrance

two story tents fittings

If you want to know more about these two story tents and other party tents, just SEND your detailed product inquiry below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • collin

    We are planning to host our annual dinner for employees in December on a weekend. The venue is a rooftop at a downtown hotel. We require a tent that can withstand wind and rain, with internal decoration and catering services provided. Please provide a detailed quote that includes all these requirements.

  • william

    We are searching for suppliers of high-quality aluminum alloy party tents. Have your products passed relevant quality certifications? Can you provide any successful case studies for reference?

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