Clear Span Tents for Sale

Clear span tents becomes the fastest growing in the event rental market, because of its great versatility. Especially when there is a need for free from center poles, clear span buildings will be the best choice. Clear span construction profiles can be up to 80 meters wide and at any length. These engineered clear span structures can be used for any temporary or semi-permanent building need.

Selling Clear Span Tents Details

Span Width Bay Distance Eave Height Ridge Height Main Profile
10m 5m 3.88m 5.53m 204x120x4mm(4-channel)
12m 5m 3.88m 5.83m 204x120x4mm(4-channel)
15m 5m 3.88m 6.3m 204x120x4mm(4-channel)
20m 5m 3.88m 7.1m 204x120x4mm(4-channel)
25m 5m 3.88m 7.88m 204x120x4mm(4-channel)
You can extend these clearspan tents by 5m bay such as 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m…So it is available from 100 people tents to 5000 people tents.

Features of Clear Span Tents

  • Being able to set up over or around trees, statues, and large pools, etc.
  • No internal pole, making more spaces for a venue or site tent.
  • Ideal not only for weddings and parties, but also for warehouse
  • Ease of installation and delivery.
  • Ability to add any additional fittings: ceiling liners, dance flooring, chandeliers, clear walls and tops…

If you are interested in these tents and other more, just SEND your detailed product inquiry below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Clear Span Tents for Sale

  • Hannah Baddock

    Hi there,
    My husband and I are looking at purchasing a clear tent in hopes of starting a wedding venue on our picturesque farm outside of Edmonton, AB. We understand that this will be a big investment but think this would make foundation to bring clientele in. We are hoping for a 30 X 60’, to hold roughly 120 guests.
    We are hoping to receive a quote from you for the cost of this.
    Thank you and have a great evening.

  • Jessica

    I’m interested in purchasing a clear span tent for my wedding. My guest list is 200 persons. It would need to accommodate 250 persons.

  • Erin Barron

    Hello, I am considering buying a tent to protect my house renovation area. It will need to stay in place for at least six months. A clear span tent ridge needs to be 7.1 m or 7.88 m tall and 15 m long.
    May I please know the prices for these options with a top and all parts needed to erect the tent?
    Thank you

  • D'Mello

    I need 20*40m clear clear span tent for a hotel party event, do you have enough stock for me to choose from. There are specific designers and engineers to interface with your party.

  • Chilly

    Your frame tent has been well received in the market. We hope to further understand its performance and pricing. Could you provide samples for us to test?

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