Used Party Tents

Hi, we have a number of used party tents for sale, if interested please leave a message in the form on the right.

used party tents for sale

Although these used party tents have been rented before, they are still in good shape and quality. Due to the fact that we have maintained them properly, these used party tents are still being used properly for events. Simply put, our used tents are not really old.

Typically, our used party tent prices are slightly higher than other companies’ party tent rental prices. However, we will provide transportation, installation, one-year maintenance, and many other value-added services, which are value for money. If you are looking for cheap party tents, event tents, or cheap clear span tents, please contact us as soon as possible.

Features of Used Party Tents

  • cost-effective
  • eco-friendly
  • as good-looking as new party tents
  • Easy maintenance
  • No damage to the ground
  • Long-lasting use

If you are interested in these tents and other more, just SEND your detailed product inquiry below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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18 thoughts on “Used Party Tents

  • Brad Higbee

    I’m looking for a couple larger frame tents preferably west coast style around 80’ x 40’. Let me know what you have for sale. Thanks Brad

  • Sarah

    I’m looking for a very big backyard party tent. Hoping for something like 30ft x30ft, 60ft x 120ft, or 100x200ft. Also, extra tall, like 16ft tall. What do you have available? Thank you.

  • Ian Chappell

    Hi I am chasing a cheap second hand party tent to seat 100 people for a home wedding we were thinking around 24mtr x 12mtr or 15mtr x 12mtr can you help me out

  • Mark Crimans

    I am interested in purchasing various sized used canopy tents for a school this upcoming school year.

  • Darryl Bartlett

    I need a heavy duty 20×40′ tent. This will be put up in May and taken down in October in Michigan.

  • Zimmerly from Zbiya

    Hi, how much did your used party tent cost? Is there an installation and maintenance company in Zambia? Can you arrange for a new size party tent?

  • Wilson

    What are our biggest advantages as a product? Compared to other similar products on the market, what are our unique features? Do you have any relevant comparison data or user feedback to share?

  • Emily

    For local installation services, could you explain the charging standards in detail? Is it inclusive of material fees, labor fees, and other related fees? After installation, is there any related warranty and maintenance service provided?

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