Large Canopy Tent For Sports Court | Basketball Court

In life, you often encounter situations where you cannot find a basketball court. Even if there is a venue, you will face uncertain weather conditions, rain, or hot weather that is not suitable for outdoor sports. At this time, the emergence of basketball court canopy tents can help us to play basketball, or other sports anytime and anywhere. Help many people to achieve freedom of movement, so that sports can be carried out at any time.


Outdoor basketball court tent, strictly in accordance with the standard court size to be erected. The design is customized according to the actual size of the sports court. It is very fast to erect and can be put into use after completion. Like other large tents, the basketball court tent is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is safe and stable to resist 8-10 grade wind. The tarp is made of double-sided coated PVC, which can effectively resist wind, rain, and ultraviolet rays. The basketball court canopy tent is low-cost and flexible to set up. It can be erected in most open spaces and then made into an indoor sports venue.

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2 thoughts on “Large Canopy Tent For Sports Court | Basketball Court

  • Jayaraman

    This basketball court is more necessary than many, many sports fields. How long does it take to build one?

  • D'Mello

    I think the neighborhood park basketball court especially needs it, where children often play basketball in the middle of the night and are prone to fights.
    This tent can be saved.

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