How to Set Up a Party Tent

Tents as preferred temporary buildings for outdoor activities nowadays have many advantages such as relatively high stability and safety, flexible sizes, easy assemble and disassemble accessibility compared to the traditional architecture. Tents are widely used for temporary warehouses, factory workshops, exhibition halls, outdoor activities, and other usages. How to set up a party tent?

How to Set Up a Party Tent for sale

Party Tents can be erected on the site without special requirements for the ground types, all the common ground types such as sand, lawn, asphalt, concrete, and tile floor are OK for you to set up the tents. But tent fixing methods are different for different terrain conditions and usage of tents. for you provides you with four tent fixing methods.

Concrete floor (temporary solution)

Generally speaking, you can fix the tent base plates with expandable bolts on concrete and asphalt floor (at least 25cm thick). It’s a simple fixing method that can fix the tents very well, but the expandable bolts will do some damage to the concrete or asphalt floor, so you need to re-consider whether the ground is allowed to be destructed or not.

Lawn or soil (all soft-base ground)

This fixing method mainly applies to soft ground types like sand, soil, or lawn, and is usually used in outdoor lawn wedding tents, tents erected in parks, etc. We use the steel pegs (ground anchors) to fix the tent firmly on the ground, and you just need to fill the small holes in the ground after the tents and pegs are removed.

All damage-avoid ground

This fixing method is usually for the ground types such as marble or tile floors which are difficult to repair after damage. We use the weight plates to suppress the tent base plates by putting sandbags, concrete blocks, or stones on the weight-bearing parts of the weight plates. Using this method will do no damage to the ground, but it needs more space to place the weight plates, and it looks relatively not as aesthetic as the tents fixed by expandable bolts or steel pegs.

Concrete Base (permanent fixing solution)

This fixing method is for long-term permanent usage of tents, mainly for long-term usage of storage tents, workshop tents, etc. If adopting this method, you also need to drill holes in the concrete base and fix the tent base plates with expandable bolts, and then you can cover the tent base plates with concrete.

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