Clear Top Tent Wedding

Clear Top Tents for Outdoor Party And Wedding

clear top tents are popularly used for outdoor parties and weddings. The roof cover of the tent can be a white blackout, translucent and clear.

Party Tents with a clear top are Suitable for wedding venue events. As the roof cover of the tent is transparent, sunlight and light can go inside the tent. When the night comes, the clear top tent wedding will be more romantic and attractive

Clear Top Tent Wedding

clear top tent wedding is suitable for a variety of events. The designed concept of the clear top tent is safe, efficient and elegant, which provides creative space solutions to customers.

Full-line accessories for clear span tents are glass walls, glass doors, roof lining, inside curtains, lighting systems, air conditioners, etc.
The size of the clear top tent wedding Adjusts according to customer needs. You can choose a 50 people Party Tent with a clear top for a small family private party, you can also choose a 10,000-people tent with a clear top for a company annual party.

clear top party tents for sale, the best choice for outdoor weddings and parties.

Wedding Tent Series Specifications

Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
3m2.6m3.16m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
4m2.6m3.35m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
5m2.6m3.52m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
6m2.6m3.71m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
8m2.6m4.05m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
9m2.6m4.24m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
10m2.6m4.4m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
2.6m4.76m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)

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  • Shah

    We need a high-quality luxury tent that can meet our party’s ventilation and lighting needs, while also having good sound insulation. Please provide products and quotations that meet these requirements.

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